For many people, dogs are like family members.

For many people, dogs are like family members.

Staying with the dog after work is the happiest time of the day.But some owners worry about putting the baby to bed at night,They may be crushed when turning over, and there may be hygiene problems.


Nowadays, when people buy pet products, they will more or less express the tendency of trying to personify pets. Whether it is with the pet’s parent-child clothes or this cot, those pet products similar to human products can always attract people’s attention at the first time.


Let pets and themselves use similar objects, people unconsciously send out the feeling of “just like people”, which also reflects the important mood of regarding pets as family members.


Pet bed style is simple, can be placed alone on the wall, can also be combined with everyone’s furniture, put on the bedside, sofa edge

Think about their favorite posture.


For example, dogs who usually like to lie flat are more suitable for mattress or mattress beds, while dogs who like to nest usually prefer wall or basket beds.


In addition, sleep posture changes with temperature, so it is worth considering different styles of bed in summer and winter


Also consider pet’s joint problems (usually related to age and weight), including osteoarthritis, which can also affect sleeping posture, so be sure not to limit their body positioning when they are asleep to minimize discomfort.


Surface material

In some seasons and environments, a relatively cool surface may be required, while at other times a soft, warm surface may be required.


Health situation

It is better to choose the material which is convenient to wipe, clean and disinfect. It can also limit the secondary infection or transmission of infectious diseases or parasites in pets to some extent.


Durability should also be considered

Durable materials may be relatively expensive, but their value comes from the comfort you get from bed.

Neither meow nor you want to change these important pet furniture every year, do you? So let’s choose the longer term wisely.New Pet products 2020

Post time: Jul-13-2020