Philodendron Birkin


Philodendron Birkin is a perennial,evergreen foliage up to 35cm tall,and 40cm across.Stems short and robust,leaf blade thick,glossy,elliptic,apex acuminate.The young leaves are dark green in color with striking silvery veins .The silvery markings will turn green when leaves age.Two or three plants in container make for a full, attractive display.

Growth Habits

Philodendron Birkin is easy to care for ,planted as an indoor plant, loves cool weather and partial shade. Philodendron Birkin’ s silvery veins show out when night temperature between 10-20℃.It is harvested from variation of Philodendron Red Core Congo .

Temperature:Ideally between 15-25℃.Philodendron Birkin can survive safely over 5℃ in winter. If the temperature remain over 25℃ during the day and over 20℃ at night,new leaves will be green without white veins.

Light: This foliage will do well in a location that gets indirect bright light. But it can bear direct mild sunlight in the morning and evening times. Be sure to avoid direct strong light,otherwise leaves will be scorched.

Water: It is quite adaptable, Allowing soil to dry out slightly, and can also tolerate some standing water for a short time. If the plant’s leaves start turning grayish-green it is an indication that the plant is not receiving enough water,it is time to water.Be aware that if it's growing in a high-humidity environment,kepting permanently wet will potentially leaf rot,It is better to water when the top 50% of the soil to dry out.

Fertiliser: The plant needs fertilizer in its active growing stage like sunmer and autumn .It can be water-soluble fertilizer,Granular or slow-release fertilizer.It is the most important thing to avoid fertilizing a plant that is bone dry.
Substrate:A well-drained potting mix is suitable for the plant.

Ornamental Uses

This foliage is most commonly used as one of indoor plants.

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